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Jeannie Cartier Sauleau


I'm Jeannie, President of Sixth Star Travel.

After 15 years of Cartier Travel & Cruises in St. Louis, MO, I relocated to Ft. Lauderdale in 2002 and started Sixth Star Travel. My husband, Christian has been EVP of operations in the luxury cruise business throughout his career, and of course, we met on a luxury cruise!

Sixth Star Travel continues to operate in St. Louis, with Monika Dysart & team, and services clients internationally and throughout the U.S.

I travel extensively, every year to France, Italy, and other European countries. Favorites include African safaris, diving in the South Pacific, & cruising or yachting throughout the world. My first trip to Asia and the South Pacific started my thirst for Adventure Travel. Being married to a Frenchman also includes the enjoyment of wines & fine dining, and have enjoyed meeting some of the top chefs & winemakers throughout the world. I am also a Tahiti Tiare Specialist!

Let us help create your next adventure or experience anywhere in the world. I look forward to the opportunity to meet you!


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